SW Corp, another problem with Fill Surface.... crap curvature!!

SW Corp,
SW2001plus, curvature looks fine...
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...ctrl-q in SW2004 sp1.0....
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...it looks like crap and the file at the shaft fails!!
SW Corp,... where job security is NUMBER ONE!!!
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Paul Salvador
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Yeah, I just tried some simple surface fills and it was pretty much hosed. Weird tangencies, wouldn't knit, wouldn't thicken, etc.
Built the same part in 2003sp4 with no problem, wham, bam.
2004 seems to be in that familiar trainwreck mode like their last several releases in the early going. 2004+ next summer, maybe?
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bill a
Tripod Data Systems
Was this part OK in 2004 sp0? Since 2004 seemed to be in pretty good shape and some of the parts that were broken in 2003 are OK in 2004, we decided to make the switch. Now, a few weeks later, it looks like maybe we were premature. We'll stay at SP0.0 since SP1.0 looks like a loser for surfaces.
Jerry Steiger
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Jerry Steiger

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