SWks 2004 File Size Changes

I see some files formerly 5-6 megs quickly balloon to 14 megs.

Save As and they return to 4-5 megs.

Save again and they hit back toward 12-13 megs.

Why the bloat?


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Bo Clawson
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One word. Microsoft. SW uses OLE Structured Storage for its file format, which is the soruce of the wild swings in file size.

Jim S.

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Jim Sculley

Parasolid information is by far the greatest bloating cause. We have some files that when parasolid information is squeezed their size decreases by a factor of over 100. Solidworks does this as a service to us because parasolid information means that as you roll back and forth in the tree you dont have to rebuild...it just stores a parasolid every so many features. So now imagine you have a 400 feature multibody part with surfaces, thickens, shells, fills and all that nasty stuff. We are looking at PART files on the order of 500MB!!!

Open a couple parts like that and you WILL get a FREE trip to the desktop...even with the 3Gb switch enabled. Thanks Soildworks...you make my work so much faster because now I have to open and rebuild a stupid 500MB file (which takes about 5-10 min) say 10 times a day (100 min)...Is this worth the time saved in rebuild???? Not to mention the interuption in concentration.

Sorry Im a little frustated by this file size issue...it sucks. Get it right guys.


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