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I am DIRECTLY on the path of the upcoming Sunday eclipse. I am going out to set up my camera the next few days. I sent the wife to the welding store, and they have sold 26,000 # 14 lenses in the last two weeks.

I have a NexGen, but it only goes up to 13. Why is that when 14 is common for aluminum or SS?

Guess I have to go to the other town to get a 4 x 5 # 14.

Should be quite a once in a lifetime opportunity. Been where there was 50% coverage, but without traveling a long way to see it, this will be a nice thing.

Steve, Toquerville, Utah, North of St. George. The actual center will be about ten miles north of us.

But I do want to try to get some nice pictures by fiddling with the camera ahead of time.

Me, again.

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Steve B
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Probably outdated information, but I recall researching this many years ago and a #13 /was/ considered safe for a few seconds viewing just not for the many minutes an eclipse takes from start to finish.

Remember a total back in the early 80s, I was only a few miles from the paths center and it got spooky looking for a few seconds. Partials are boring in comparison. Never seen an annular...

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William Bagwell

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