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I just purchased a new Jackson NexGen hood and had a question for those who have one already. How is the view through the glass? Mine seems to have some ghosting or discoloration. It's even like this in the off state, though it's a lot easier to see when the lens is on (amber/clear). In the manual, it mentions when you first turn it on it may appear mottled. I turned it off, waited about 15 minutes and turned it back on and it's still the same.

I just got the hood today, so I'm gonna call em in the morning, but I wanted to have some impartial replies in case they tell me "oh, that's normal".

- brian

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Brian Finley
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Many of the autodark helmets have a peel-off protective sheet on the filter (inside or outside) that make it appear like you describe.

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Keith Marshall

Call Jackson. They will ship you a new lens with a return ticket for Fedex,

They replaced mine with no argument and then sent me another replacement 2 weeks later because of a parts recall.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Hello Brian,

I just bought one of these myself. The "ghosting" I could see when looking at the helmet went away when actually in use.


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Jim Meyer

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