The NEW SolidWorks Hardware Sketch Tool ...

So far this has been the most stable product that has ever been
released by $Wx. All you do is draw your entity on this new hardware
sketch tool and tape it to your screen (make sure that the SWx program
is loaded so you can see the menus). Viola you have new design
assisted by the new Hardware Sketch Tool. And if you want to change
the design you take it back to the drawing board, literally. Once
again you can create many new designs by this new Hardware Sketch Tool.
Just draw up another design on the Hardware Sketch Tool and replace
the predecessor on your screen. And for you electronic folks do not
look for that USB connection, this device is totally wireless. And you
will never have to replace or charge those batteries again, because
there isn't one. The spell check hardware tool is also available at
an additional cost. And we give this Hardware Sketch Tool to you at no
additional cost, it is part of your subscription service program. This
Hardware Sketch Tool also works on all platforms, be aware that if used
on a Palm Pilot that it might overflow the screen.
Being a west coast person I just received my disk set for SWx 2007. As
I was opening the first box of software there were a couple of our
engineering guys looking over my shoulder. As we all looked in the box
and the first thing was this pad of graph paper. One of the engineers
stated "that must be the NEW SolidWorks Hardware Sketch Tool". As
you can guess we all broke out in laughter that was heard by people in
the front office. We returned to engineering and as we sat in our
cubicles, someone started by spouting out one of these above items
pertaining to this pad of paper. It was not long before we were all in
tears laughing about this NEW SolidWorks Hardware Sketch Tool. It was
just too humorous to not pass along. I am sure that after reading this
you may have something to add to the list. We had to stop so we could
get something done.
Now again this was all in Humor and is not meant to be harmful to
anyone. I have actually used my pad multiple times today (I even taped
one on my screen as I went to lunch, ha ha). Everybody (in US) have a
great Labor Day weekend.
Its the little things in life that makes us happy. iQ
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Only slightly off topic..... we didn't get in to a hardware sketch tool discussion this week, but Mony-e-mails have been making the rounds here at the office. A LOT of them! CareerBuilder (the one's with the guy that works with all the monkeys at the office) put up a site where you can type (or record) a message that gets converted in to speech that you can email someone with the monkey of your choice. Anyways, we've had a lot of fun sending trash talking monkeys back and forth around the office. Here is the link if you want to waste some time and have some fun.
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