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I don't know when this happened, maybe when we upgraded to 2006, but now instead of just clicking component faces in an assembly to pattern and then an edge to pattern, followed by linear pattern button, now i have to click the pattern button first and then do what I use to do, where as for the last 5 years, I did this the other way.

I was told when I called SW that THAT was actually a bug, the way I have been doing it for 5 years, hmmm, allowing me to click components faces first and then the pattern button was a bug? ...I didn't understand... Come to find out, you can click the components first, just not a single face on the component like you use to do, now you must click the components in the tree, then the command, but try this, click a face of a component, then click the pattern button, now don't select a direction yet, but try to add more components, you get a error about the direction until you specify it. Can we get this fixed? Like how it use to work? PLEASE!!! Why change this after 5 years, possibly since SolidWorks was first released!

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It's a bug with SPR#294102. Basically window select in the graphics area and it retains it. Tree select anything and it retains it. Click select anything in the graphics area and it loses it.


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