Selecting things.

Selecting hidden objects was supposed to be better in SW2005 with that pop-up list effort (so our Var said) but I find it even worse than it used to be with SW2000.

Am I missing something?

Even selecting drawing views in drawings to drag them about seems a bit iffy. Sometimes you just can't seem to get hold of 'em.

I've been putting up with this for 9 months, it's time for a fix! Any ideas?

Thx in advance, Jonathan

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jonathan rees
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Are you trying to grab the borders? You can drag views by lines and vertices now, or Alt-drag on white space within the view border. Alt-Shift drag to drag child views also.

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Dale Dunn

To move the view just grab the drawing itself. Much better than before.

As for selecting hidden/other objects I found it a bit strange at first but like it better now. Don't try toggling like before. Just select other surface and then hover your cursor over the various selections in the dialogue until you see the one you want highlight in the graphics window. When you figure it out you'll like it a lot better.

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I did not like it at first either until I realized I could ignore the pop up box all together! I just move it out of the way. I noticed the icon of the mouse next to the pointer -- you will see the right mouse button has glasses (visibility) on it & the left is a selection.

  1. right click on any face & choose "select other" (notice the face you right clicked on is now gone)
  2. move the pop up box out of the way
  3. start right clicking on other faces to make them disappear until you can see the face you want to select
  4. select the face or edge you want with the left mouse button.

If you use shaded with edges - the new way is kind of like a selective wireframe. if you just use shaded then the faces disappear all together with no object lines left over. I only use the popup box when trying to select two edges or sketch lines that are one top of each other.

Hope that helps.

Steve T.

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