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> >Nemesis wrote: >> >> Does anybody know of a contact address for Trumpeter? I bought a >> Trumpeter kit today, but the photo-etch fret and rubber tires weren't >> in the box. >> >> Pat > >FWIW There have been a bit too many comments like this about Trumpeter >products in the last few months for comfort. In the future my approach >when buying a Trumpeter kit will be to open it and check it over before >I leave the store. If something is missing it will be addressed right >then and there. > > Bill Shuey >

I've been down this road myself and I agree with Bill S. here. I've not had occasion to have any missing parts in a Trumpeter kit but I have had one with malformed ones.

There are actually two sub-stories here. About 7-8 mos ago, I bought one of the Trumpeter 1/48 scale Su-15 kits. I did not look at it in the store (first mistake). When I got it home and opened it up, I noticed how nice and thin the wings were molded. while admiring the nice molding job, I noticed the shape of the two wings did not match - both were badly warped and twisted. This was a Thursday night and the following Saturday, I took the kit back.

I know the shop owner and have been doing business with him (and the previous owner of the shop) since 1995 and had a good relationship with him. As I said, I'd been doing business with the previous owned of the shop since returning to the area in 1995. Last summer, the original owner sold the shop to the current owner (who had worked part-time at the shop for some time) and when this problem occurred, the new owner had only owned the shop a couple months.

Anyway, when I brought it back, he looked at it and said......that's not so bad; can't you fix it? I thought he was joking and told him it was too badly warped to try to fix but. He made another comment that tild me he was not joking but was serious. I then told him that I shouldn't have to fix something on a brand new kit (for which I paid retail $$) and expect the parts that are supposed to be there will be there and that they will be in the shape they are supposed to me in . He grumbled a bit but finally got one of his helpers to go get another off the shelf and he pulled the wings out of that one (all he had was a 2-seater version) and gave them to me.

I told him that I appreciated him swapping the wings and he said "no problem." I then set the kit down on the edge of the counter and walked to the back of the store to look at some of the landscaping items and the built-up kit displays. He must have forgotten I was still in the store because I heard him tell the helper to put the wings (the ones I had just returned) into the kit box (the one he had taken the good one out of), re-shrink wrap it, and put it back on the shelf.

As I had said, I've known this guy for years and have always had a good relationship with him, even though he tends to be a little "crusty" from time to time. anyway, I was slowly strolling toward the front of the store by this time and I couldn't believe what I had heard. I didn't think it was the right thing to do; putting the deformed wings back in a box for another unsuspecting customer. As the kid helper took the box, he made some comment about me and the owner said, "Oh, he's just being an a.... and stopped. As he was talking, he glance up and saw me standing about 20 feet from where the counter was, looking at the pile of newly-arrived kits. He modified the rest of his sentence to "He's just being....."precise."

Needless to say, I walked up to the counter, picked up my kit and walked out without comment. I've only been back once since. I went in one time while he was in the hospital and a couple friends were running it for him to buy two jars of paint. Haven't been back yet but intend to go back soon to pick up the two dioramas I have on display there.

Back to the moral of the story.....a good dealer should cheerfully replace a kit with missing or damaged parts or refund your money, then take it up with his distributor. It's just good customer service. It builds good will and keeps the customer coming back.

Cheers.....Bill Woodier "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat"

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