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If I may, I purchased a DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide 5650D nebulizer (for asthma treatments) off eBay for under $25 US including shipping. I added a

4" long 2" diameter steel pipe nipple and 2 PVC ends for under $8 US. I had the regulator / filter unit, and plumbed the makeshift reservoir after the regulator. The pipe combined with the regulator / filter volume kills ALL pulsation, and I can airbrush with the TV at normal volumes with the family close by. It will supply 12-13 PSI all day long with my Paasche VSR-90, and 11-12 PSI with my VL.

For my needs, noise WAS a factor, and I already have a 20 Gallon compressor in the basement.

I do have a Pari ProNeb nebulizer in the spares bin. need something cheap and fast? Let me know off-line...

I need a compressor for use with a Badger 200 single action airbrush. Any >recommendations? I'm not looking for anything fancy and it doesn't have to be >super quiet, because I do my work in the garage. > >I noticed that Squadron has a Testor's "Blue Ice" for $85. Is it compatible >with Badger equipment? Another one that looked good is the "WR Brown" for $99. > >Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. > >Thanks, >Jeff >The eagle has landed
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