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Just one change I'd make. Your photo of the Jaguar alone is titled MORSE. Shouldn't that raised voice be saved for "Lewis!"

Looks sweet indeed,

Charles Fox

In article , William > Davies writes > > > >> My wife and I were great fans > >> of the British detective 'Morse' > >> (Robert Thaw) > > John Thaw actually, who came to fame as a much louder detective - Regan > in 'The Sweeney' much earlier in the 70s, then - after Morse - as > Kavanagh QC. He unfortunately died in February 2002. > > >television series. > >> His blood red Jag? What model > >> was it and is there a 'proper'** > >> model of that car still available? > > > >Hi Mike, > > The car is a Mk2 Jaguar Saloon - there is an excellent 1:24th scale > >model by Tamiya. I've not built the kit, but I have a couple ready for > >future use, > > Cheers, > > Bill. > > > > Unfortunately the Tamiya kit doesn't quite fit the bill as it has wire > wheels, while Morse's car has steel wheels, so these would have to be > sourced. (And the Tamiya kit hasn't been listed since 2001.) > > My conversion used the 1:24 scale Small Wheels white-metal kit (now > obsolete - I think I had the last one many years ago? - but which DID > have steel wheels) featured on the cover of my Automodelling Masterclass > book (see Web Site - URL below) - with the Tamiya kit as companion. The > black vinyl roof had to be added to either kit. Colour used was Testors > Dark Red which seems to match the real car pretty closely. Number plates > (248 RPA) were scratched from an etched 'letters and numbers' set, and > wing mirrors and radio antenna added. > > Otherwise there is the Corgi 1:43 die cast! (The first issue had the > wrong interior colour - corrected in the recent issue.) > > Incidentally if you read the original Colin Dexter books, Morse drove a > Lancia. It was the TV series that moved him to a Jaguar, so Dexter did > the same in subsequent novels. He also 'back-dated' the Jag in new > editions of the earlier books - the only change he made. > > > > mat > > MAT IRVINE > > "Ten years in the making.." (let's not exaggerate, only nine..) > my space book - 'Creating Space' - is now OUT. > >
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Morse was good. It was Dalgliesh (sp?) I couldn't stand!

Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 {Sig Quotes Removed on Request}

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