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I don't know what rock I've been under, but I've just discovered a very helpful capability that I didn't know existed -- and I figured maybe some of the rest of you don't know it either (although I intend no insult in inferring that you're as dumb as I am). In making an internal tooth ring gear I decided that I wanted 96 teeth instead of 80 teeth, and the tooth profile was patterned around the axis of the gear. I figured I would have to eliminate all the patterned profiles and then take the one seed profile and create a new pattern. Not so. Clicking on one element of one patterned profile brought up the Existing Relations manager (of course) wherein the Patterned relation was shown. Right clicking on the relation allows one to choose Edit Pattern, and I was able to change the quantity (80) to 96. Worked out great.

(Yeth, I know I have to change my pitch diameter and tooth profile and all that -- which I did -- I'm just approximating a ring gear anyway.)

Hope it's helpful to someone.


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You can also Edit Sketch Right click on any sketch entity menu option "Edit Circular Step and Repeat"

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Singh S

So you can. Well grease me up and call me "piggy"

'sPork Man'


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Cool! But it will be faster if you pattern a single tooth instead of using a sketch pattern. With 96 teeth, I would expect the difference to be pretty noticeable.

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Jerry Steiger

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