Bad Business Dealings With Fred Becker

I guess no ones knows the truth about where the Front Range Geeps came from. Does anyone remember a new company that was starting up called "East Coast Models" HO Scale. They were advertising is Mainline Modeler during the early 1980's about the new GP-7's and GP-9's they were going to come out with. They paid Fred Becker to make the molds and models for them, then Fred filed bankruptcy and hid the good molds. Later he started Front Range Products afterward with the ECM geep molds. Fred was a con-man that lived off other people including his employee's, he screwed everybody anyway he could.

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Hmm, in hindsight there seems to have been some hinkiness w/ model manufactureres that came out in the 1980s/1990s - I am also thinking of the various iterations of LBF/McKean/Huber also. One article tied in Front Range w/ that lot also - ah, wait, some site claims Fred Becker ran LBF?

I wonder if we will have such conversations about ExactRail/ BMLA/etc

- NuComp recently (the 'Trailer Park' people - literally!) bit the dust.

Man, I'd love to see a site that lists the histories and manufacturers of model railroad products - Like the Revel train station or Globe or IHC/AHM or Front Range or Model Power or E Syndum or whatever...unfortunately the Internet probably doesn't have enough server space to host that entire historical hierarchy

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