Canadian CN Rail Schedule?!?!

Hi all;

Hey listen just a quick question for all you trainspotters out there :|

We have a stretch of CN rail running near our house here in Niagara Falls, ON.

My kids always bug me to take them over to watch them go by except by the time we get there train is finished.

Anyone know where I might be able to find a schedule of sorts for the CN service?



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All I can suggest is try

formatting link might find something there, but I doubt they'd give out schedules to railfans such as us. Never know though eh? Give'r a shot. Doesn't hurt to look.

Pete in Calgary, Alberta

Gary wrote:

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Pete in Calgary

A scanner helps as well.. after listening for a while you can sort of figure out where trains are when they talk to the dispatcher. Someone else here should be able to help you with more info on scanners.. and BestBuy or Radioshack is probly easiest to buy one..


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The following web page has the frequencies for the Niagara region:

formatting link
You can also pick up a used scanner from a pawn shop, second-hand or surplus electronics store, or ebay. You can also check the 'Buy and Sell' newspaper. I'd suggest a second-hand shop so you can talk with the owner. A hand-held scanner is preferable because you can use it anywhere. (Big caution: some scanners are capable of transmitting, which requires a license in most areas. Absolutely do not talk to the railway through the scanner -- keep it away from kids. Industry Canada is cracking down on people who do that.) One problem, however; is that some railways use just cell phones. I think Railink is one of them. You obviously can't legally eavesdrop on a cell phone conversation.

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