CB&Q 35560 boxcar

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news:%9Ovc.3038$ye1.415@lakeread05 CB&Q 35560 (Box) Bellows Falls VT


According to my 1/60 and 1/65 ORERs, this should be part of CB&Q 29000-37799 series boxcars AAR designation XM IL 40'-6", IW 9'-2", IH 10'-6" 6'-0"x9'-11" doors 3900 or 3898 cu.ft., 50 tons

This car caught my eye as a modeling project in HO scale. A couple of questions:

1) Who built the car? I'd place a guess that it's a PS-1, but I'll leave it up to you experts to pass final judgement.

2) What are the closest modeling options in HO? What would you do to improve the appearance of the model?

3) Was this car painted boxcar red or Chinese red?

4) What would be appropriate HO decals for this car? (Microscale preferred, but all ideas are welcome.)

5) Would the other side of the car have the "Everywhere West" slogan?

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The top ideas are:

Intermountain Railway Company #41899 Modified AAR 40' Box Car (8 Rung Ladder, 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught End)

Branchline Trains #1400

40'-6" Postwar Boxcar

Any comments on which of these would be a better match?

As a minimum, either car would need a Superior five-panel door (such as Kadee #2207); Microscale 87-412 decals should work to letter the boxcar.

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Mark Mathu

Mark, it's a 1944 AAR 40' car with 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends. It was built by the CB&Q in their shops at Havelock, Nebraska in 1947.

Branchline Models produce this specific car as part of their Blueprint series, which are high-end models with separate detail parts. C&BT shops also produced this model. I haven't seen one of these, so I can't comment on their quality.

Chinese red.

You'd get most of what you'd need from Microscale 87-412, or Champ HB-336. The Microscale sheet is for a FW&D car, so you'd have to source the reporting marks from elsewhere.

It should do, the Q normally placed "Way of the Zephyrs" nearest the "B" end, and "Everywhere West" nearest the "A" end. But there photos showing cars that have been restencilled in the opposite fashion...!

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Mark Newton

The Branchline car.

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