Western Maryland 1937 AAR Single Door Steel Boxcar

The BSME has produced a high grade model single run boxcar in HO and O!
The model is manufactured for the BSME by InterMountain.
The car is a 1937 AAR Single Door Steel Boxcar, factory assembled and
painted in Western Maryland oxide red with the "Fast Freight Line"
round herald, number series 28201-28299. These were the only 10' I.H.
single-door boxcars on the railroad built to the 1937 design. Actual
Western Maryland Railway lettering diagrams were used to produce
this model.
Cars are ready for shipping and available in 4 road-numbers.
Unique detail markings state "Return to BSME" in micro print.
Availability is strictly limited. Only 75 4-car sets have been produced.
The price is:
$29.95 for one car
$26.95 each for 2 or 3 cars
$25.00 each for 4 or more cars
Please add $7.00 shipping for any size order.
A limited number of O scale cars kits are available!
Availability is very limited. Only a few remain.
The price is:
$32.95 per car kit
Please add $7.00 shipping for any size order.
Send orders to:
Baltimore Society of Model Engineers
P.O. Box 10229
Baltimore, MD 21234-0229
Please make checks payable to: Baltimore Society of Model Engineers.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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