Details of European couplers

I have gotten into European Rail via an interest in WW II German Armored
trains and associated engines and cars. Some of the models do not have
complete coupler details which I will most likely have to scratch build or
swipe from an unused kit. I work in 1/35. I'm looking for details (drawings)
of the couplers - and even better a source of couplings in this scale.
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Val Kraut
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Val Kraut schrieb:
If 1:32 ist fine for you, there's 1-scale. Kiss is a manufacturer of such produts, they offer 'Originalkupplungen' for about 20¤/pair.
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Tobias Meyer
1:35 is the military modelling scale, 1:32 is the model railway scale. It's a real shame that the plastic kitset makers didn't go with the existing (mr) scale which has been around for 117 years now. (almost established ;-) There's about 10% difference, which is IMHO too great for models side by side, but almost ok for details which are not obviously to a precise scale. The 1:32 scale couplers might work well, but they might be too long and not pull adjoining buffers together.
Regards, Greg.P.
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