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The Olympic Model Railroad Society (OMRS) is in the process of deciding to buy a Digi Trax Super Chief Radio 8 Amp Started set.

We are trying to decide what other equipment we will need to operate.

One of the options we discovered was buying One DB200+ Booster with an 8 amp Power supply and using a PM-42 Quad Power Management 4 Blocks system

Does any one out there in MRR Land have any experience with the PM-42??

We had ex-member bring his Digi Trax to OMRS and we ran the whole layout with his DCS? Command Station/Booster with one Power Supply. We ran four Loco during the test. The Layout worked fine.

As more members acquire more decoded Locomotives we will be putting more of a load on the system. At that time we could add an other DB200+ booster with power supply, and even later we could add the third Booster/PS.

Also the Club has a 60 (-) WA State Grain Cars yet to SELL for this DCC System.

Thank you for your input.

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Something like the PM42 is a real good idea. By dividing the layout into 'power districts', a derailment that causes a 'short circuit' will not shut down the entire railroad. This is very important in a club enviroment where you have various types of equipment, and various skill levels of the operators!

Jim Bernier

Jerry Barnes wrote:

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Jim Bernier

Well, you need to provide a bit more information about your layout to get detailed answers, for example:

Scale? Size? Track plan? Modules or permanent? Are you converting the whole thing to DCC or just part? How many operators? What is your existing control system and (VERY IMPORTANT) what kind and size wiring is now in place?

You might want to get some of this information together and join the Yahoo Digitrax group, too. Go to:

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