Erratic running steam loco.

I have a Tenshodo steam loco with gear box and can motor. The loco runs smooth in reverse but has a noticable hictch or hesitation when running forward.With motor and gear box removed the mechanism rolls very freely. What is the most likely problem? Driver quartering? Gear box/gears? Holes in side rods? Any suggestions. TIA

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chet greene
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Sounds like torque loading onto the gearbox. Quite a great deal of success can be obtained by fitting a torque arm from the gearbox case to the frame. This holds the worm and gear in constant alignment, but allows vertical movement within the range of the springs.

Also, do you have the ubiquitous plastic tube connecting motor and box? It may be that replacing this with NWSL connectors could be the go, or replace it with new model aeroplane fuel line tube.


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Steve Magee
  1. check the end play off the worm gear, you may have to put spacer washers on one end or the other.
  2. quartering will almost always help.
  3. does the gearbox flop side to side on the axle gear? if so the slot for the axle may be worn and if too bad you will have to replace the gearbox.
  4. make sure the tubing from the motor to gearbox does not force the gearbox to bind either in forward or reverse. if so you may have to shorten it just enough to remove the bind.
  5. these trouble shooting ideas should help you or anyone else. they are compliments of karl of '' karls kabuse''.
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