Floquil gone bad???

Well I bought a athearn model last week and I put it together and got out my airbrush to give it a quick weathering job this weekend, but ran into some problems. I use the floquil water based paint. I haven't had my paint out for a couple of month and I made sure to mix it up well. I put a little airbrush thinner (the kind for floquil paint) in a jar then put some paint in with a dropper. Once I got my dropped cleaned out I was heading ovr to start airbrushing and noticed the paint had clumped all up onced mixed with the airbrush thinner. After retrying because I thought I had a bad mix it happened again and I had even taken a panty hoe and strained the paint first thinking I had dry chunks in it. The pigment still seperated. So I proceded to do 100% straight paint to airbrush and it got the job done, but has my paint went bad or is it the thinner? My dullcoat I used wasn't floquil and it mixed with the thinner alright. I use Model master dullcoat.

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A panty hoe?

I think we better leave that one alone....it's already headed for the gutter!!

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"Matthew" wrote in news:OTyIc.203712$ snipped-for-privacy@fe2.columbus.rr.com:

Why bother with the thinner? I use distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.(drugstore rubbing alcohol). I use about 10% water and about 5% alcohol. It seems to work fine in my airbrush (a Paasche VL with the #1 needle and air cone assembly).

They may have changed their formulation. It happens.

If you opt for water and isoproply alcohol, be sure to use distilled water (hardness could be a problem) and non-scented alcohol from the drugstore. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE WOOD ALCOHOL (METHANOL)! IT IS HIGHLY TOXIC AND ABSORBS THROUGH THE SKIN! IT CAN MAKE YOU GO BLIND OR EVEN MAKE YOU DEAD!

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Within the last year or eighteen months, I believe that Testors/Floquil has had a problem with the Polly Scale Airbrush Thinner. Instead of thinning the Polly Scale paint like the previous Polly Scale Airbrush Thinner, the formulation caused the paint to congeal. I believe that Testors/Floquil STOPPED recommending the Polly Scale Airbrush Thinner be used to thin Polly Scale Paint.

You may want to try using distilled water for thinning but you will probably have to increase the air pressure when spraying.

I am sorry I can't be more specific. I use the distilled water for thinning to avoid the fumes caused by using the Polly Scale Airbrush Thinner. The water works and my compressor delivers the required air pressure.

I hope this helps.


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