? for the scale scenery pros

I am building a model of the new Cooper River bridge and I am having a
problem with the scenery.
1. The piers of the towers are made of rock from Nova Scotia, each rock
the size of a bug, Volkswagon Bug. I have shaped styrafoam into the
shape of these tower bases. Then I mixed some glue and water as
directed from the back of woodland scenics talus. I laid the glue down
and covered it with talus and sprayed some glue over it. Glue is
"yellow" wood glue and just found out it dries yellow not clear. Can I
keep this and paint it later, rock is two shades dark anyway, or will
this look to unreal, it has to look very real. Also will this glue hold
the rock to styrafoam. The styrafoam is that expensive stuff with the
thin layer of paper/wood on both sides that sign people use.
2. The sea floor around Charleston is like slate grey almsot black and
has a shine to it because it is wet. What would be the best way to
model this seafloor mud? It is also styrafoam. Hydrocal or flex paste?
I do not intend on modleing water because I have yet to see any that
looks real. So far the bridge looks very good and I realy thought the
bridge was going to be a bear and the scenery easy, wrong again.
Thanks for any help or tips.
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It's great stuff for gluing wood, but white glue is not only cheaper but better for scenery.
How dilute was the glue you sprayed over it (and what did you spray it with)? The usual technique is to drip the dilute glue over the loose material, after pre-wetting it with water mixed with a tiny bit of detergent or a little more alcohol to break the surface tension.
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