Guess I will try this again since nobody responded before.

I spotted a heavy weight car sitting in front of the Summerville Ga station on Saturday. It is lettered Norfolk Southern and numbered 960053 MW. It has 6 wheel trucks under it and appears to be a wreck tender possibly. It has 8 bunks a restroom, shower, cooking facilities, and 10 seats as I recall. About 8 feet at one end looks like a storage area. the car has a rounded roof with vents sticking up like the Harriman cars did at one end. Does anybody have a clue as to what it was before it was reduced to this humble state, and where it came from (Road name and or who built it.) If need be I can send a pic to anyone that might have a clue about this car. This car is coupled to a heavy weight baggage car that is nicely painted in pullman green with no lettering or numbers. I am guessing that the TVRM took the cars there in the last month or so, since it is about 50 miles by rail to Chattanooga from Summerville Ga. Both cars have what appears to be friction bearings on the trucks. I took a pic from the south of the station, it eludes to a train about to depart for Chattanooga. A plume of steam at the head end would make the picture perfect.



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Might be an idea to pose this question on a prototype group or forum. has a forum for Trains magazine.

Bob Boudreau

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Ask a prototype group such as news:misc.transport.rail.americas.

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I am a bit short of time, but maybe you should scrounge around here:

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