Highliners F-Unit Shells

I'm thinking of getting a couple of the Highliner F-unit kits to replace my deatailed blue box Athearns (I want BN colours and neither the Athearn Genesis line or Intermountain seems to have done these so it's going to be a self build.. ).

Am I right in thinking the basic shell kits do not come with any grilles ? They always seem to be listed separately as an extra.

TIA Chris

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Chris Packman
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You are correct.

J. Bright

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Chris Packman

Hi Chris

When I ordered two "A's" and one "B" Highliners kits I asked if the grills came with the kits and was told "yes". But when the kits arrived I wasn't too surprised to find they were not. When I thought about it I realised that do be able to build any loco from the F2-F9 all 3 types of grills would have to be provided and that equates to approx $42 for the grills alone. Obviously the math doesn't work when I paid around $47 for the kits. So I simply ordered the required grills. And just to add .... the Highliners kits are worth every penny.


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Nigel Nichols

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