HO rail... 100 vs. 83

I have over the years accumulated a lot of Atlas track, both flex track and rigid. I'm getting ready to put together a layout for my son (my first son and my first real layout!) and I need to know what track I already have and what is most common in the stores today. I've just bought over the years at local hobby shops some switches, bridges, and track and hope to match it up with some new stuff. So what is the most common in the stores? thanks!!

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First look at the rails on the track that you have. If it is brass (goldish) throw it away.

Use a magnet and see if the rail is steel, If so throw it away.

now measure the rail hight. It probably will be 100 thousands that was the most common. Probably still is.

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Chuck Kimbrough

I'm not sure but doesn't Atlas Code 83 track have brown ties instead of black?


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Dan Merkel

You can go to the Atlas website:

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on Layouts & Download their free software RTS 8.0 Then you can design your own layout in HO or N to what ever size you need. The download is free.


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