Lionel Steam Tender with sound?

Has anyone had any experience with Lionel's #6-36788 tender with sound?
It's a stand-alone unit that is supposed add whistles, bells, brakes, &
chuffing sounds, with no special hookup...
Is the chuffing somehow synchonous? (I figure it might be if the the
transformer is sending pulses of current as the speed control...)
Thank you,
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Chet & Audrey Roberts
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Just in case anyone is interested, I picked up one of the tenders at a local hobby store.
I asked for an in-store demo and was pretty impressed.
The chuffing sound is linked to wheel rotation, and there is an electronic digital whistle and bell sounds that can be activated.
But once I got the unit home I made some additional discoveries. When you press the whistle button, the chuffing stops. Same with the bell. It's one sound effect at a time.
The tender also features automatic and triggered audio crew commands. Wish it could be disabled...
After a few minutes of running, the whistle function seemed to activate itself for brief bursts...
Ended up more disappointed than pleased... But it could be a great accessory depending on your own needs...
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Chet & Audrey Roberts

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