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We're listed an estate sale lot of Postwar and Modern Era Lionel Trains in our store at

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I'd appreciate some feedback on the pricing and overall descriptions if anyone would care to take a look. We formerly sold exclusively on ebay but are trying to make a move away to a fixed price format.


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Since you ask, I think your prices are quite high for what you are offering. The NYC F-3's were never offered as an A-B set, so it seems unlikely a collector will be willing to pay a premium price for an incomplete item, unless he is the rare situation of having a lone dummy F-3A. Same goes for the Texas Special Alcos - the 210 and 211 were each offered with a matching dummy A unit, so again you present a challenge to a collector. Both could appeal to an operator, but operators don't tend to pay premium prices for top condition. The N&W 746 with two tenders is another mismatch. Everything I see at shows and read in the press is that the market for older Lionel has peaked. Many folks prefer the newer full scale offerings with all the electronics. Every year the crowd waiting at the doors for the halls to open at York is more and more gray headed as the baby boomers who were the major buyers of what they dreamed of as kids are now retiring into life on lower incomes. And on top of it all is the economy with high gas prices, declining home prices, etc.

Another comment is that I find your angled views of the pieces less desirable. Maybe one such view to show a pair of units with their boxes, but a set of six orthogonal views taken perpendicular to the plane of the sides, ends, and top and bottom would make it much easier to judge the condition of the item. The angles put much of the item into the out of focus distance and create uneven lighting of the different surfaces.

That may not add up to two cents worth, but you asked. Geezer

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