Live Train Cam

. . . in Cape Town, South Africa.

It may be night time, as that darkness condition tends to happen every 12 hours around the world, but check this site out now and again to see steam, diesel and switching activity live.

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Ray Haddad
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Do any MRs out there set up some srt of cam on an engine? I wonder if they can be small enough for that. It would be really ultra cool to see a conductor's eye view of model layouts.

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Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall skriver:


I have seen tonnes of that.... :-)

We have tried it on our layout, but the metal masts for the overhead wire is disturbing the 2,4GHz signal to the reciver.

Fleischmann has made "camerawaggons", some years ago, but only in low resolution and only in black and white.


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Klaus D. Mikkelsen

I made a DVD using an old F unit. I cut away the area behind the fireman's front windshield and mounted a 'train cam' (Micro Mark). If you go to

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you can order it for $10.00 plus shipping. The premise is that a UP Veranda Turbine wound up on the CP&E and the president of the railroad commandeered it and sent staff all over the railroad to film its progress. The president, of course sat in the cab and filmed the trip. What no one knew was that his camera was not working very well. The light meter was not working and the microphone was broken. All the other cameras worked well and they only found out about the presidents camera when it came back from the editing department. It was fun to make and I did all the camera and editing when I was a member of the club. I still have the master and can take orders for it at $15.00 plus shipping. ($10.00 will go to the club. The 5.00 is for my time and DVD.) Email me off line for further information.

The camera gets confused by florescent lights and the sound came through as a buzz from them as well. That is why there is no cab sound.

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Frank A. Rosenbaum

Not a locomotive cam, but some years back there was the "International Model Railroad" or some such that would allow someone to view the model railroad via the web browser, and allow certain simple train controls to be sent in via www.

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The MIT Model railroad club has a few videos shot from the cab at:

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