Went over to the rail group to ask some questions and either no one lived in the Asheville, NC or else it was a private "click" type group. I noticed there were a fairly good size group of working rail folks there that had basically little use for us Hobbyists type.

I am relocating there [furniture en-route as I write] and want to know where the decent rail fanning sites might be in the Ashville area. Clubs, stores as well.

One thing I am really interested in is the operation along the French Broad River thru Marshall, NC. It's the thru track to Knoxville. Is much freight operated on it?

Rail photography ABOUNDS in that valley. As far as Saluda goes I understand it's not used anymore?

TIA Guys!


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Have you tried CarolinaRails on YahooGroups? If they snubbed you, that would be odd...

Andrews Geyser! Clinchfield Loops! The yard and roundhouse down by the river! Yeah, you could have some fun there...

Dunno about that stuff, you might just have to look around....

Nope, had a rail removed at the top and bottom...but not dead yet, I'll wager...

Jeff Sc. South End, Ga.

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