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I'm starting to accumulate some cars, an Atlas and a Kato locomotives. I note some difference in couplers. I've searched, but cannot find good reference material to read and study. Anyone know where I can find some photos and descriptions of the various couplers in use. How campatible are they? I have an Atlas locomotive which will not couple to any car I have. What is the preferred coupler? Do I need to convert everything to one style?

All comments appreciated.


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Yes, this is becoming a problem in N scale. Especially if you have some older equipment.

Old N scandard was the big plastic Rapido coupler.

Nowadays, many manufacturers are using Micro-Trains or Micro-Trains compatible (clones) couplers. Those all work with each other and they look somewhat similar to real train couplers.

That is the prefered coupler.

As far as converting the older rolling stock, check:

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Box cars are the easiest to convert - just replace the trucks. Locos can be easy or bit more involved - depending on the brand and age.


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Peter W.

Micro-Trains' couplers are by far the best N scale coupler on the market.

I prefer body-mounting the couplers. Look at

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for descriptions on most body-mount coupler types.

I have described a few conversions on my web site at

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