Nephew Xmas present question

Hello folks,
Occasional lurker decloaking for a question.
I want to get some extra tracks switches etc. to add to a nephews set he Dad got
him. I
wanted to find out if there are any things to watch out for as far as
incompatibility with
Mehano brand tracks or are they compatible with most NA brands ( I had Triang as
a kid so
I know!) Would it be better to just buy a domestic brand track to build a layout
and store
the set track? etc. This is a budget build to get the wheels rolling but ovals
get boring
real quick!
Any info is appreciated. Thanks
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HI from Australia
I recommend any of the atlas Track for a beginner layout check out
formatting link
"thebest" avalible at nearly all hobby stores Nickle silver Track, It should fit together Ok
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for mehano website or do a search for IHC
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birthday whish maybe if Ho scale Proto 1000 locos from $22 from trainworld
Anthony Chambers ant from Down Under
incompatibility with
Triang as a kid so
layout and store
ovals get boring
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Mr Anthony Chambers
Thanks Anthony,
Greetings from Canada!
Went out tonight and picked up some Atlas track and points. Grabbed a few buildings just to get things rolling. Spoke to the fellow at the and he seemed to think Atlas was the way to go. I also have a big bag of Atlas curves stashed away that I picked up at a yard sale so it looks like we'll have lots of trackage when we start the bench work!
All the best
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