O/O27 Scale diaphragms

Anybody know of a supplier for O/O27 scale diaphragms ?
Thanks, Mark
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mark diegel
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AFAIK, there are no O scale diaphragms manufactured at this time.
I googled "O scale passenger car diaphragms", and got an eBay hit. The offer is specifically for Lionel cars, so it should suit you. Bids end August 21.
Problems with your question:
a) O27 is not a scale, it's a track diameter: O gauge track with a diameter of 27". O gauge is 1.25" between the rails, BTW.
b) The trains made to run on O27 track are usually built to 3/16" to the foot scale, which is _not_ O scale. 3/16" scale is actually S scale. S scale diaphragms are not being manufactured either.
So it looks like your best bet is eBay. You may have some luck at an old established hobby shop that has old, out of production stock on hand. Depends on where you are located.
Good luck,
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Wolf Kirchmeir
You might try MTH...all their passenger cars, whether intended for 0 or 027 (scale length or "shorties") operation have rubber diaphragms:
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They may be available as a repair part...
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Can someone explain what a diaphragm is? Sorry, I'm seeing birthcontrol items here! :-) I like trains but I'm not that worldly yet I guess.
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Your (or your significant other's) old one can be used as a rain hat for a cat, or a fingerprint protector for a doorknob.
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Steve Caple

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