O Scale Scenery?

I was wondering what everyone's opinion was on the "In-the-Box" scenery kits. I was looking seriously at Woodland's Scenics but found that most of their products are designed around the HO and N scale not the O Scale.

The two I found that were most promising were Scenery Express and Woodland's Scenics... What do you all think?

Thanks for your time in advance....

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I haven't seen the "In the box" kits, but if it is just scenery, there really isn't any scale to it. A large tree in HO would be a medium tree in O and a Redwood in N and Z. If you are talking about roads or buildings or other things, then yes, scale does matter. They have a 'road kit' that can be used by any scale. just adapt the width of the paving strip.

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Frank A. Rosenbaum

If you mean the plastic layout bases, then yes, they are more or less scale specific. You could do some cutting and fitting of wider roadbed, tunnels, etc, to adapt them to O, but by the time you've done all that you could've built your own. You could use an HO base for N with no serious problems, though. Besides, the curves are too tight for O scale, though they would be OK for O gauge (eg, O27.)

If you mean scenery kits such as for trees and rock castings, etc, these are not limited to one scale. A tall tree in N is a seedling in O, is all. Rock castings look much the same in any scale. Ground cover works in any scale, too: what's fine turf in O would be rough pasture in HO or N. Etc.

There are couple of good books on scenery techniques available. Check 'em out. All such techniques work in all scales.


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I am actually talking about tunnels and thing that are modeled for the O Scale.

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Sam Boyer

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