Lima Mk1 O gauge coaches


I've got a friend who is changing to brass O gauge and wishes to sell a set of 9 Lima Mk1 O gauge coaches. I believe these are a mix of types and are in either blue/grey or Network southeast.

They are all in excellent condition and boxed.

a) Is anyone here interested in them? b) What sort of price should we advertise them at, given that Lima don't make them any more?

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James S
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Have you got any pictures ? I may be interested in them or you could try Ebay they regularly appear on there They usually fetch about £15-£25 depending on condition..

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I visited the York show over Easter. I was looking at one of the traders displays and noticed they had replacement sides and bogies for the Lima mark ones. I'm afraid I didn't take any notice of the traders name as I'm more interested in LMS stock in N gauge, but I'm sure some one else on here will be able to tell you. The display had examples of an original Lima mark one and the modified Lima mark one as well as the manufacturer's own kits. They looked very good compared to said manufacture's own brass kits and a darn site cheaper (Though I admit I'm not an expert on mark ones so couldn't say if they were correct in every detail). I'm sure you friend would be able to manage the conversion OK if s/he can manage to build brass kits. It may be worth thinking about as I'm sure this is what many people who buy them second-hand use them for any way.


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