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I have a proto green and white loco and have been looking for passenger cars to go with it. Any ideas on where to look. I've searched the web and have had no luck....

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I have a complete set of cars by AHM stored away, If interested, contact me.

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To my knowledge, the Southern never painted any passenger cars in a green and white scheme matching the scheme on its E-unit Diesels. If you want a commercially available train, I'd suggest looking that the IHC 85' Pullman-Standard fluted-side "stainless steel" cars. In particular, the IHC

3 door baggage car, the RPO, and the combine, all with the distinctive wide baggage doors right at the end of the car, are very Southern in appearance, and closely represent cars used on the Southerner and Tennessean. IHC offers all 8 cars in this series lettered for the Southern, although some of the other cars are not specifically patterned after Southern prototypes. I believe Con-Cor offers its fluted side Budd and P-S cars lettered for Southern as well, and these could also approximate a post WWII Southern name train. The other commonly available Southern passenger cars are the Rivarossi/AHM heavyweight cars in the Crescent 2-tone dark and light green scheme from about 1929. I feel these are more appropriate behind a Ps-4 Pacific. Many photos show green & white Southern diesels pulling trains of mostly heavyweight cars, but the cars are usually in the all olive green scheme, and are often the smooth-side/arch roof rebuilds that the Southern did of many of its older riveted-side/clearstory roof 6-axle heavyweight cars. Geezer
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