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I just bought a LionMaster Western Maryland Locomotive & Tender 6-38022 from
ebay. Two of the plastic parts which hold the axle in the rear wheel assembly
came broken and the rear wheels fall off. I've tried Lionel's site for the
part number to replace the plastic parts, but the only exploded views don't
have a part number or name. Can you identify the 4 plastic parts which hold
on the wheels as shown in the picture:
formatting link

Also, the whistle and bell don't work (Railsounds). I have a zw which works
with other Railsounds Locos. This manual says I need Sound Activiation Button
610-5906-001. Is this why I'm getting NO sound, or is railsounds possibly
dead? I would expect based on my web reading to at least get the whistle or
Thank you
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On 1/26/2008 6:25 AM mseifert spake thus:
Wheel bearings, axle brackets, axle retainers, wheel retainers or something along those lines.
So it that unit really as cheap as this drawing makes it look? How are those held in; do they just snap in?
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David Nebenzahl
Yes, it is even cheaper than it looks and they just snap in (and apprantly pop out fairly easily). I was amazed that the smallest amount of plastic supports the wheels - and they package it with all the weight on the wheels (not on its side) in the styrofoam. Thank you for the wording. It will help when I call Lionel on Wednesday. It is hard to believe they aren't even open 5 days for support, but I am grateful there is support at all. It is a very nice looking train and I will have to be patient to see how it runs. I am hoping this 4-6-6-4 really makes it around my 31" curve on an incline.
David Nebenzahl wrote:
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mseifert via
Lionel Customer Service is available Mon - Fri. They do close for lunch from 12pm-1pm EST. The number is (586) 949-4100. When the recording asks if you know the extension, enter 9105 for Customer Service.
Tech Support has limited days/hours for answering customer questions, unless the call is referred from Customer Service.
There are three slightly different trailing truck bearings available that I'm aware of. Given the item number for you loco, the most likely PN is: 630-8024-339, Truck Bearing - Molded.
The other two are: 620-8069-339, Trailing Truck Bearing, and 620-8616-339, Bearing/Trailing Truck.
If none of those fit, the complete Trailing Truck Assy/LM Challenger is 6SP-8077-338 ($25.00).
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Thank you. Talking with Margaret at Lionel she says they don't have the truck bearings 620-8011-339 but I can order the Trailing Truck Assy for $75, part number 6sp-8077-030. This is close to the number you gave me but quite a bit more expensive. I couldn't find a site which had either part so it seems like I have no choice, and it will take 10+ days to get here from Lionel. Patience. .
Len wrote:
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mseifert via
Contact Lionel Cust Svc and cancel that order ASAP!! PN 6SP-8077-030 is NOT the trailing truck, it is the Rear Main Frame/LM Challenger. That's the frame for the rear set of DRIVERS, not the trailing truck, and that's why it's $75.00.
The Trailing Truck/LM Challenger is in fact PN 6SP-8077-338 ($25.00), it is currently available from Lionel and you can order it on line from their web site. Go to
formatting link
click the 'customer service' link, then click 'order parts on line' and enter the PN in the box.
PN 620-8616-339, Bearing/Trailing Truck is the plastic bearing used in the Berkshire trailing trucks, which are also 4-wheel trucks. I've found that on occasion Lionel assigns different numbers to identical parts when they get used in a different loco. They're cheap enough you may want to give them a shot.
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Len, Thank you! I will cancel on Monday. If it is too late, at least I can refuse the UPS shipment. If found the plastic bearings at Brasseur's, so I may be able to do this even more simply. I wondered about the multiple part numbers for the same part. It makes sense.Thanks again.
Len wrote:
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mseifert via

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