Lionel KW repair

I just put a new whistle disk/rectifier in my old KW, and some posts,
and two new rollers, when i was putting the main post in i notices
three wires going to it. The main power wire, the whistle wire, and
then the overload lamp wire. Is that supposed to go there? Now the
overload lamp is always on and gets brighter as i increase the volts.
Also i dont know if that is setting something off but i cant get any
trains to run. I get light but no motor, my guess is that that wire
dosent belong there? if any one has a wiring diagram or can pull there
cover off, or just knows i appreciate your help thank you.
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It sounds like you have a wiring error. Olsen's has the original Lionel service manual pages for the KW on line at:
formatting link
Double check your transformer connections to their diagrams. Geezer
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thanks Geezer it was int he irght place, the problem was a stuck circuit breaker i has to tweek a little
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