Turnout indicator for Peco manual turnout

I have a bunch of Peco manual turnouts (insulfrogs). There are a few of them where it would be convenient to have some sort of turnout indicator (red and green lighted dwarf signal etc.) to show which way the switch was set.

Is there any easy way to do this? (And remember, these are manual turnouts, so there's no switch machine to hook up to!).

I've looked at the Caboose Industries ground throws with the contacts, but I'm not sure how you would wire such a thing or where the power comes from.

Any ideas?



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Electronic feedback

Peco has an external contact (PL-13) that is used beneath the switch machine, perhaps you coud use it wittout the switch machine ?

You could allso build a contct of your own. A piece of very thin piano wire put through the hole where the switch machine normallys is located, bend it 90 degrees under the table fix the other end of the wire 10 cm from the "bend".

2 more wires gives the feedback, but make them long enough so they have some movement (spring function).


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