Update on question about track clearances

Thanks to the previous replies I looked at John Allens Timesaver layout.

I used Peco code 83 and No 5 turnouts to get a layout similar to that shown. It took me all day (12 hours with 2 short breaks for meals) to build and wire the layout for DCC operation. I have not used switch machines since they can be switched manually and the Peco switches will lock in place. The only problem I had was where I hadn't allowed for an electrical break on one rail, but eventually managed to correct this

If you look at the rules at

formatting link
you will see under Rule B1 modified a sample layout showing the values for different areas.

I have managed to get the values shown with the exception of the value for C which is just 1 and not 2. From an operation point of view I get around this by using the middle road up to the beginning of the point (switch) which then allows me to get a loco and one car in use. Just getting 2 cars from location A to location B can be very challenging to say the least! Works relatively simply with a GP40 but an SD60 needs a lot more care!

It is my intention to find suitable industries to justify the layout of the tracks. I will eventually incorporate this in my loft layout, and will probably use this part as a programming track. In the meantime I can have fun anywhere with this board.

Now all I've got to do is ballast the layout, paint the rails, weather the ballast, add suitable industrial buildings, etc.

What this has enabled me to do is to sharpen up my modelling skills, try different methods of track laying, etc.

Thanks to those who replied originally

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Oops so it is. Seems I spent too much time playing trains :-)

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