Xmas mystery

My wife has a small train set she puts around the Xmas tree. It's nominally G scale but definitely in the toy category. Huffs and puffs and whistles from a remote control.

Twice so far this year it's decided to go for a run on its own. Once in the middle of the night :-).

This morning I looked at the remote control. It's not line-of-sight infrared, it's radio! Someone nearby has a car alarm or garage door control running at the same frequency :-).

I guess we'll take the batteries out when not running it :-).

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Larry Blanchard
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Happened to us several years ago... the batteries had run down in the receiver. What a way to wake up in the middle of the night.

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Sure, Bob - sure..... It was that KW on 160 you were running, right? Admit it - you RFI'ed yourself! LOL!

(Just kidding)

73's de Ken KGØWX
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Ken Bessler

Whenever you blow the whistle, does a garage door in the neighborhood open?

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Steve Caple

control running at the same frequency :-). >>

When the "New Series" radios came out in the U.S. Army back in the early/mid '60s, troops in Germany soon discovered that two frequencies were the same as the frequency used to throw turnouts on one of the railroads, or so I was told. Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB

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