Xmas Pressies

Hopefully, most of our partners/wives will have found a nice few stocking
fillers for the coming seasonal beanfeast, but with postal services currently
overstretched, if you want to buy online you'll have to pay for courier delivery
to get anything delivered by Monday afternoon.
Desirable presents abound, although the wherewithal to fund it all isn't always
Sat Nav's seem to be the thing this year, PDA users can buy the end of line
TomTom5 Bluetooth receivers and maps/software for as little as £30 plus postage
on ebay. Note that TomTom have withdrawn support and updates for TT5 Mobile.
DVD's of Mr Dibnah smile out of every store window, and while I am not 'into'
Fred and his work, I have to confess to have three of the DVD's at home!
Books: Plenty to chose from there. I picked up a nice pair of volumes of Joseph
Lucas' history on ebay, at half the internet bookstore's price:
"Harold Nockolds:Lucas,The First Hundred Years", 2 volumes. Wordy and detailed
history of the company, lots of references and bed-time reading. That's part of
my Xmas present.
Manuals: I have already mentioned the Haynes Spitfire manual, it is very good
and goes further than a straightforward repair book. Well worth your pennies.
Hardware: No engines have crossed my path in person this year, or at least none
that I would want to throw serious money at, there has been a sighting of
something large and oily on the horizon, but it depends on so many variables
that I am not betting anything on it yet.
Tools: Lots of decent spanners and socket sets, but watch out for the usual
cheapo stuff. Buy Britool or Snap-On, you won't regret it, "King-Dick" branded
spanners earns lots of kudos with the colonials out west.
"Mystery Presents": We bought our youngest son a personalised No Plate for
Xmas, and it's conspicuous by its absence under the tree, where a burgeoning
pile of wrapped stuff has been accumulating for the past few weeks. Something
arrived by ParcelForce today, addressed to Rita but VERY heavy and definitely
NOT a bottle of deodorant! She smiled when I asked what it was....
Our grandchildren have got spoilt rotten as usual! with bikes and stuff like
that we'll need the big van to lug it all over on Boxing Day.
Hopefully, everyone will have a happy and peaceful Xmas and a prosperous New
Peter A Forbes
Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK
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Rather boringly we are having a present 'truce' this year having just spent out to double glaze the back of the house (only 1 door and two windows in total!).
I picked up Nockolds' Lucas history for a song a few years ago in an antique furniture shop (the books? oh we don't sell books - they're just there to fill up the shelves). The early chapters wonderfully evoke the largely small workshop based manufacturing industry of Birmingham in the 19th century.
Nick H
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Nick H
Having spent sixteen years of my working life with Lucas I would think you will find mention of me in the last couple of pages of the second book :-))
Martin P
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