A Thankyou would be nice

Met a chap at a rally who had recently aquired a Lister D. said I would send
him my spare books & transfers on Lister D's & sent him a fify page article
on starting in the hobby with various tips etc in the post. Do you know
what? The bugger has not even telephoned to say thankyou!
Gets my Goat!
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Colin Jacobs
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Do what the rest of us do, get to know your friends well and trust them or point them in the direction of Stationary Engine mag for information on Manuals, it will not be that long before the words manners and polite are removed from the dictionary through lack of use.
Martin P
Col> Met a chap at a rally who had recently aquired a Lister D. said I
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I deal with many enquiries every week. Leaving aside the wind-ups if I get a thank-you from 10% its a very good day. Non-payment, bounced cheques, and abuse now seem to be the norm :-( I have not volunteered copies of anything for a good while and history illustrates that a tiny minority who post to this group are not as "nice" as they seem.
ttfn Roland
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Roland Craven
Sadly your experiences are all too common Colin! Although I don't answer as many queries as Roland the tale is still the same. I used to send out copies of relevant literaturefree of charge when replying to letters, but I would say that over 90% of people never bother to say thanks, and you never hear from them again. Of course the regular contributors to this NG are all gentlemen of the highest repute and I have no trouble with any of them :-))
Philip T-E
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Gosh!!! is there anyone I forgot to thank for all the time and help you guys gave me....
Joking aside, it does seem very sad the lack of manners and conscience. Being new to all this I have been really taken by all the help and support offered. It would seem that community no longer exists locally, but has been replaced by internet equivalents. This does make us all more prone to the con artists, rather than meeting down the pub for a mumble, as we used to get to know people.
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Also, Oh yes Also I forgot to tell you about a guy called " I got a Brother called................." song by that poof Tom Robinson who e mailed me from this ng looking for Petter Spares who then sold them on E bay for extortionate prices. I virtually gave them away to help a fellow A type fan.
God did I feel a plonker. Colin.
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Colin Jacobs
I too have a lot of mails for help and information but thought I had a better "thank you" response than Roland. Just had a quick look back over the last six months and I reckon 15%, however I have to say the percentage is better from Australia, Holland and the States.
Not good though
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Pete Aldous

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