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Was talking to a very knowledgeable gent on Saturday and he stated that the quality of pictures was very good but would like to see more, thanks for that Philip. So come on lenses out and start snapping. I've put two more up for you to look at. Martin P

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Nice to see a few more, but i`m sure theres alot more to come. The very nice

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martin hirst

Martin --

Remind us. Any maximum number of entries per person? What was earliest date of pic? Closing date?

Thanks, Colin

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If anybody wants to have a go I will give you the password so that you can enter your own pictures.

I propose a competition that we could all take part in as most of us use digital camera's and something like webshots to display them.

Its getting near the end of season but there is still time to go out and get the picture.

The rules would be.

  1. Every picture must be taken this year from now 08-09-05, this can be achieved by leaving your date marker on in the camera or a second picture with the date showing or the rally programme.
  2. We set up a Webshots site to display them all.
  3. See point 6 (We agree amongst ourselves to find a judge, or we mark the pictures among ourselves, leaving our own unmarked by ourselves. Here I would hope I can trust you all to be fair and as I know most of you I can do that).
  4. The picture can be colour or black and white and in any setting not necessarily a rally also could you put a description of where taken and of what.
  5. The entry date must be no later than 01-12-05.
  6. Philip Thornton-Evison has very kindly ageed to judge the entries.
  7. All those interested must put forward their name so that I can keep a record of those taking part.
  8. The subject must be of a Stationary Engine.

  1. Three photographs maximum.

Who is interested to have a go. The prize, I will put up a good bottle of Red or White wine.

Martin P

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