Blackstone AV series Engine

I am currently rebuilding a Blackstone AV series engine 1926 vintage.
I am looking for infromation on the original colour, and lining
(Pinstriping) details.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
John W
South Australia
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John W
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The only information I have on Blackstone paint colours is:
Deep Bronze Green ? BS 381C shade 224
ICI P339-0427
ICI P383-0427
Lining ? Apple Green
Unfortunately I don't know to which years this applied. But if others can identify it as a greeny bronze colour, this is probably it :)
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Mark Howard
I have been given theses colours for my blackstones hope they help Masons deep bronze green bs224 polyurethane & linings Masons single pack polyurethane apple green no 363
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Thanks for the replys. I now have some colours that I can follow up on. I am still looking for information as to what pinstriping was placed on the engine & its location, thickness etc.
John W Greenhill
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John W

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