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I am looking for documentation for John Gosney's full-size red, white,
& black Ryan STA "Special" (the version formerly offered by Sig and
currently available from Great Planes). Back when Sig was selling
their 1/6-scale kit, they also offered a documentation package that
included several color photos and color scheme drawings of Gosney's
original. Sig no longer offers this package.
Does anyone within earshot know where I might find a similar source of
info on this particular plane? As familiar and popular as it is, I
thought info would be easy to find. Unfortunately, I've drawn a
coomplete blank in my search. If you're able to help, please contact
me directly ( snipped-for-privacy@mda.mil). Much thanks for any assistance
you can provide.
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Mister Skosh
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Bob Banka has several sets of document packages for Red & White STAs -
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Lyman Slack
Thanks Lyman. I've checked the Banka listing, but it doesn't include John Gosney's specific plane. Ken
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Mister Skosh
I have the documentation that you are looking for, and the plan set fr
the SIG Ryan.
I don't want to give up the photos, but if your willing to reimburse m for the color copies, I could send the copies to you.
As far as the three views and plan sheets go, if your interested i these too, I could send you a copy as well.
This is kind of heavy- maybe about 2 1/2 lbs so reimbursement for S& is also appreciated. The original plans and three views were folded. I will send them rolled.
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