Bolton Steam Museum

I discovered their web site yesterday,
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& after
chatting with their secretary was invited to visit which I did today.
Their next full working days are the 2nd & 3rd of January but they are
working on the engines on Wednesdays & Sundays & allow visitors with
similar interests. I really enjoyed the trip & have posted the picture.
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Dave Croft
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Ah, the Musgrave Needlessly Complex Engine!
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Andy Dingley
Is that vertical axis triple really a barring engine, or is that the tenter-frame driving engine they used to have (which I think was pale blue when I saw it?) Otherwise a vertical axis would be a bit odd for barring, as how would you couple it?
Incidentally I did Wikipedia articles on both barring and Musgrave engines not too long ago. Comments and edits welcome.
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Andy Dingley
The vertcal triple was indeed a blue colour last year and it is not a barring engine
It is a stenter engine
An unusual (and patented) design of engine manufactured by Mather and Platt of Manchester to drive "stentering" machines used in the textile finishing trade to stretch the cloth after dyeing or bleaching. The three identical cylinders are 4" bore and 6" stroke with the cranks equally-spaced at 120 degrees, enabling the engine to start at any point. As with the double-diagonal engine, there is no governor and the speed was regulated by adjusting the steam supply.
It is pictured on the nmes website in Blue
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The wild eye

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