cast iron exhaust pot

Bit of a long shot, but I wondered if anyone has a cast iron exhaust pot
suitable for a 7hp open crank engine...........thanks.
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E S Marshall
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I would think thats like looking for Hens teeth or rocking horse Do do's
Martin P
E S Marshall wrote:
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As they are so uncommon now, I'm surprised no-one has had a few generic types cast up - they must be pretty simple, after all.
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn
I've had no luck finding one for my crossley, I ended up making one out of a large piece of box section about 6mm thick it looks the part but i'm not sure how it will perform. I hav'nt run it yet.
Regards, Gary M.
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gary millward
I'd expect that for low usage it was easier to just weld them up from steel.
Making things with a taper, then a bit of tarting with a grinder can make welded steel look pretty close to "cast"
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Andy Dingley
Went through this when someone unkind soul stole my big Tangye pot. Now loking to do it for a big Blackstone pot.
I have seen a couple of very realistic looking constructs using one or more propane/calor gas bottles Cut into sections & rewelded. I'm sure that would work for 7hp -- getting a bit harder for 12.5hp that I want. Orig was 2ft 6" diameter. I suspect some creativity around the scrap yard is called for ..... or follow the man laying a new sewer & find out where his offcuts go!
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There's a Loughborough College engine based somewhere like Southampton which employs an old gas bottle as exhaust pot, and very effective it is too.
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John Ambler

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