Electrolysis and Rust


I tried Rolands method of using Electrolysis last night to clean up a CI bearing cap from a Bamford corn mill. Before hand it was half rust with some paint.

I am pleased to say, that it is now back to cast metal.

It worked very very well indeed for me, so I would recommend anyone else have a go to. It is now our intention to rig something up a little more permanent than last nights experiment, and hopefully we can do away with using wire wheels and paint stripper altogether.

Full marks from this corner?


Chris Bedo

Kent UK

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Chris Bedo
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I've used the electrolysis method for years using a 12v battery charger, but I've had no success using reo (reinforcing bar) as suggested by many. Plain mild steel scraps work OK, but I cannot get more than a few milliamps with reo, even after wire-brushing, increasing the number and insertion depth.

I do not know why. Connections, etc OK.

Any other had this experience? Is our reo different?

JW² Perth, Western Australia

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Jack Watson

Jack My experience matches yours but like you I don't know why. I did successfully use some leftover weldmesh but prefer scrap MS as its free :-) Anyone still unconvinced about the demerits of using SS might 'enjoy' this URL

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Roland and Celia Craven

You've convinced me Roland. Is that game,set and match?

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Arthur Griffin

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