Local Farming Festival

For the first time this year, we managed to get out and exhibit
something at our local rally. This was a small 2 day event held at
Farming World in Boughton. Attended by around 30 stationary engines,
the same number of tractors and 7 steam engines.
The Duplex line shaft shearing gear had its first outing and proved to
be very popular. Many children took an interest in it, whether or not
it was the sharp blade or the size of the item I don?t know! It would
appear that most people on both sides of the fence had never seen a line
shaft shearing machine before, being as it is quite difficult to
transport the
side of a barn or shed to the rally site to exhibit it!
Engines that stood out were a 19hp Allen open crank, Ruston AP on very
original steel girder trolley, a nice original paint Bamford o/c and a
Fairbanks Z and straw chopper outfit. Some variety in the engines, but
a lot of Lister D types and Wolseley WD?s, not even a single petter in
the line!
Could not get any decent photos though as there was the plastic netting
in front and caravans behind the displays. Worst offender was someone
who bought a very nice hand corn mill only, the trouble is they also had
cars, a tent and a caravan to park behind it resulting in a huge gap in
the line.
Quite a nice event and a pleasant 2 days, but as with most Kent rallies,
it really suffered from caravan park syndrome.
Chris Bedo
Kent UK
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Chris Bedo
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Is this Boughton in Nottinghamshire?
Brian L Dominic
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