What will you get built this year?

All right, lets go out on a limb early and name the kits we will finish this year.

Bandai Gasraki Raiden Powered armor (only because it is 99% done) Tamiya late Panther G with TWS interior, Aber etch, WWII Prod tracks.

DML 251 Falke Tamiya 251 converted to Falke with New Connections parts AFV Club 251/9 with DML gun mount and shields... man were my AFV Club parts warped! Fine Molds Tie Interceptor.

There are the 6 I am sure of.

Next. Mike please remove "diespam" to reply

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ha haha hahaha hahahahahahaha snort gurgle snurk etc...

Ya gotta be kidding me. (c:


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Rob Grinberg


-- Chuck Ryan snipped-for-privacy@REMOVEearthlink.net Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

Built?!?!?! You actually build these things?

Seriously tho, I am inspired by "The Aviator" to build Noix's Hughes H-1 racer.


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Well, I can give you my present priorities, but how far I get on this, and whether some slammer intrudes are both open questions:

1/72 Aoshima Ta 152H: 80% done with painting begun. 1/72 DML Ta 152C: As for above. 1/72 Esoteric/Italeri Fw 190C: As for above.

I hope to have these done in time for a February contest.

1/72 Revell-Germany BV 222 (darned thing is so big that it will almost certainly slip to 2006, but I expect to work a lot on it this year.) 1/72 High Planes Mustang X: 30% done 1/72 Falcon/Heller Tempest I: 30% done

I'd like to get to these, and if the enthusiasm takes me, one or more could complete before some of the items above:

1/72 Czechmaster Westland Welkin 1/72 Kora Vickers 432 'Mayfly' 1/48 Tamiya Do 335 1/72 Valom TIS 1/72 Airfix Westland Whirlwind 1/72 Pavla Westland Whirlwind 1/72 Airfix Hs 123

Realistically, I'll get 4-5 built this year.

Mark Schynert

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Mark Schynert

Two Aeroteam Yak-11 conversions because the guy who ordered the simpler one with the gear up and a little less detail will kill me if it isn't done soon. Worse yet, he won't let me fly his Yak, subject of the models, until he has his model.

Meikraft Long Midget Mustang because I finally got decals from Aviation Usk so I don't have an excuse now.

MAI Payen Pa.22 because it's about half done and I havn't finished one of my own kits in ages.

Muroc Models Ames AD-1 because it's 90% done.

MAI Beech Super King Air because I need a fnished model for advertising and I am finally getting the second decal done.

Reality check: probably two of the above because I have a house to overhaul. :-(


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Most likely... more gundam, possibly a figure or two. The aircraft, since they need different painting approaches, will probably not get built til I find somewhere a bit more permanent.

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