2004 modelling projects?

Well, I'm going to put my cards on the table and share what I'm aiming to complete in 2004. That way, when next December rolls round, you can all point the finger and say "hah!"

I thought it might be cool to try to show a century of aircraft development in one type -- the "fighter". Now, there are a lot of significant fighters, so I thought I'd better have another linking theme as well, so I've decided to follow the Hawker line and legacy (at least in part driven by what's already on the shelves). That gives me this list (all in 1/48)

Sopwith Camel (Eduard) Hawker Fury (biplane) (Inpact) Hawker Hurricane IIc (Hasegawa) Hawker Tempest (Eduard) Hawker Hunter F.6 (Academy plus Aeroclub bits) Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 (Airfix) BAe Tornado F.3 (Airfix/Italeri) Eurofighter Typhoon (Italeri)

Colour schemes still to be determined...

Anyone else? What are you planning for 2004?

Bestest, M.

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Matt Bacon
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I have a variant of AMS - my skills aren't up to what I want the model to look like. I have some kits here that are 90-100% built-up that I should paint. These are: DML 1/700 "Alpha" class attack sub DML 1/700 HMS Trafalgar Tamiya 1/35 KV-1

There's also a DML 1/700 Yushio sub that I tried to paint but something went horribly wrong and it ended up with an odd texture when the paint dried, so I need to work on removing the original coat and try again.

I also have a Tamiya 1/35 M5A1 Stuart that I airbrushed (and turned out great), but need to add all those spare tank treads and tools, then put decals on.

Then there's a Tamiya 1/35 37mm AT gun. It's about 30% built. Hopefully, I'll get that all built and painted by year's end.

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Gary Kato


To finnish the kits i started in 2001 and 2

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my god you are ambitious! My plans are to hopefully finish one model and maybe fiddle with the 30 or so I have started, that is unless I can't find the pieces after the boxes and bags fall out of the cabinet....

wish me luck..


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Id like th finish the 5-6 that I already have in various stages of completion but.......

I'm sort of taking them one at a time these days. I started the 1/32 scale Trumpeter M-G-3 before the Christmas holidays sucked away lamost all my spart time but I hope tto finish it soon after the new year. I also want to do their P-40B and F4U-4 as well as the Hasegawa 1/32 Fw-190D with the Eagle Editions detail sets. I don't want to get more ambitious than that until I see how much progress I make on those ;~)

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Bill Woodier

Actually finish some models.

I think this year I started around 3 or 4 new ones, finished 3 or 4 from previous yeras and got 3 or 4 near completion.

IF and thats a big IF I pull finger i cna actually finish another 2 or 3 before year end.



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Finishing some of the old projects would be the major goal of the new year (some are 15 + years in the making) 1/24 Fw109A-3,D-9, 1/32 Ta152H, Fw190D-9, 1/48 Me262 (several), Ho299 (several) 1/72 He177. But there are some new things too. Several Trumpeter '109s would be first, including a '109Z, and some resin projects.

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steve gallacci

Whatever 1/48 planes get built as slammers and a couple of superdetailed tanks, not sure which though. Actually planned models are 1/350 ships, USS South Dakota in Ms22, USS Yorktown (CV-10) in Ms33/10a, USS Farenholt in Ms12mod, either USS Houston or Louisville, USS Arizona DKM Bismark.

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I'm going to try getting the F-106 and F-86D (for 94th 1/48 series) done, maybe even get the F-86A (Lindberg/Mon bash) finished. Quite a bit of work left on it though.

Most of the well work for Mono 1/72 P-51B is done, so it should get done. That leaves the Italeri A and either Academy's or Tamiya's D/Ks for that set.

What I'd really like to do is the Mono 1/72 P6 and F4B OOB, detailed and converted to P1, F2 with the RareBits set I have. I just wish I could find another set of those conversions before I mess these up :-)

What will probably happen is I'll start way too many other things and get very few, if any, current projects finished.

-- Chuck Ryan snipped-for-privacy@REMOVEearthlink.net Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

This year I plan to cut the list of unfinished models greatly:

1/96 USS Constitution (2 years and still have not finished the hull) 1/400 USS Enterprise (3 years and the waterline has not been painted) 1/350 USS Bunker Hill (3 years and there is no paint, nor bridge nor...) 1/350 DKM Tirpitz (Waterline needs to be done) 1/110 HMS Bounty (Build and paint) 2x 1/72 Tiger I's (Build and paint) 1x 1/35 Tiger I (paint and build) 1x 1/35 Tiger II (paint and build) Flak 36 (paint) 1/144 Valkerie (paint and build)
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Assuming that I can get a minute or two per day to work on them (not a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination!):

Finish Revell 1/32 F-15D-MLU/AM. (Speculative mid-life update of F-15D to attack capability.)

Finish Monogram 1/48 RF-101B.

Finish Testors/Fujimi 1/50 A-6A.

Finish AMT/Hasegawa/Testors/Fujimi 1/48 F-4EJ Kitbash.

Start more kits that I can't possibly finish this year.

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Edwin Ross Quantrall

i assume steve that some of the models that have been so long in the making aren't painted yet? are the 1/24 kits airfix?

me? 2004? well, for later in the year, a HP Victor B2 in 1/72 and a prototype Victor in 1/96. a few phantoms and a raid of the spares box for a 1/72 'what if' and i guess keeping up with the rest of the gang on r.m.s


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for me it will be start 20 more kits until i finally finish the paint booth and finish some. really want to do the manchester conversion.

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Well ok, let me think a minute. In 2001 it was the heller Victory. In 2002 it was the heller Victory. In 2003 I've been working on that damn heller Victory. In 2004 it's going to be the

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I did not make my 12 kits in 03 goal, but did finish a masters degree, buy a house and pack/move.

For this year, my goal is to polish off many of these partial built kits so I'd like to finish 1 1/2 kits a month or 18 this yr.

I have a timeline of powered flight hanging from my classroom ceiling, to it, I'd like to add

1/72 Douglas world cruiser, 2x X-24s, F16 ccv

1/144 iss, mir

sci fi.. fine molds x wing needs decals and 'weathering', sf3d suits X 4

I'd like to finish in a manner worthy to take to amps, the Tamiya t55, DML sdkfz 250, and maybe Academy idf gun jeep? w figs???

If I get really ambitious I'll start to tackle the pile of resin-conversions starstreak support vehicle and New Connection Sdkfz 251 Falke

For other shows shows Panda uh1d and Trumpeter's 1/35th hind (when it's out)

just to get done Scorpion Desert storm Warrior #1 Merkava mk III Kugleblitz E-100 Land Rover

Future proj. Jagdpanther early panther g early w int type 90 w rollers flak maus?

Nothing like having big plans...

Check with me in Dec 04 and we'll see how I did.

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I have about a dozen kits that I've started but never finished. I'm slowly working on them to get them done. I have a number of older Hot Rods as well as some Space fighters. All in all enough to keep me going until I lose interest for awhile and come back to them later.


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Paul DiTomaso

Complete at least a couple of kits started as far back as 1979.

Airfix SAAB Draken, Douglas XCG-17 glider from Airfix C-47, two Yak-11 conversions, Meikraft Long Midget Mustang, lots more.

Also want to convert some of the new Hongwell 1/72 diecast Jeeps and do at least one of the kits that have jumped out at me of late.


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Well, after I completed a database of my kits, my wife said I can't buy any more until I complete at least 10 percent of what I have....that's 25 kits! I guess I'll be building at light speed! Jack "the 109 nut"

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Jack Horstman
  1. Accurate Miniatures P-51B (in progress).
  2. Accurate Miniatures Yak-1 on skis, winter camoflage.
  3. Accurate Miniatures Il-2, uncertain about paint scheme.
  4. AMTech 1/48 P-40E, Flying Tiger if I can find a decal sheet.

After those, perhaps AM's B-25B...




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David E. Young

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