What have you/will you finish this year?

Normally I drop this little bomb on rms in late November, but illness and thr press of events delayed me unitl now. the questions remain the same: [1] what models have you finished this year? [2] what do you have a shot at finishing in the next ten days?

As to the first question, I have fuinished only three thus far:

Special Hobby Letov S.194 (okay, okay, it's really some Focke Wulf P.II napkin project, but I thought the Czechs might actually have built it after the war and promptly pawned off a small batch on the Israelis.)

Sword SIKORSKY (did you all hear that?) S-43 flying boat in NMF and Pan Am markings. A very satisfying build.

Frog Master III. Scratch built all the cockpit stuff; had a great time.

As to the second question, I doubt I'll finish anything else. I have three at paint stage:

Aoshima Ta 152H DML Ta 152C Esoteric conversion of the old Italeri Fw 190F to the Fw 190C [V-16]

I also have a Ventura/Heller Tempest I conversion and a High Planes Mustang X ready for a lot of progress, but even if I get to working on them, they won't be done before February.

And I'm still playing around with mods to the BV 222 tail--that I may finish before the year is out. Which only leaves the rest of the behemoth, though I'm not going to change anything else.

It's taken from October 15 to now for me to actually feel well enough to get back to the bench. Maybe I can sneak a few hours tomorrow...

Mark Schynert

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Mark Schynert
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Since the wife was sick most of the year and I've been trying to catch up on research since, not much:

DML Type XXI uboat 1/350 Hobbycraft P-59 1/48 Eduard Die Floh 1/48 Pegaso 14th century Knight Hospitaller 54mm WEM USS Reuben James 1/350 BWN/YMW USS Houston 1/350 (will be done by the 28th, I hope)

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AMT/ESCI F-100, AMT Eclipse for my son, two dois for the lhs train display (plus a lot of other construction). !maybe?! Mono F-106, F-86D and a Ral Partha? Angel of Light for my granddaughter.

-- Chuck Ryan snipped-for-privacy@REMOVEearthlink.net Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

Not so very much:

Dynavector D.H. Sea Vixen FAW2 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer S2B 1/48 Revell Mig-29 1/72 (built as a toy)

and I hope to finish Tamiya's 1/48 P-51B Mustang within the next ten days. To be build as a present in a showcase.

Plans for next year:

Special Hobby Hunting Percival Pembroke


Classic Airframes Hawker Sea Hawk (maybe 2 of those) Classic Airframes Westland Wyvern Kopro Su-22M4 all 1/48

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Ingo Degenhardt

The only thing in this house that will be finished come 1 Jan is 2004. That will give me 365.25 more opportunities to not finish anything. The "might have beens' are-- Revell 1/32 P-47 Revell 1/72 P-38 (Sorry Bill) Revellogram 1/48 109 Fortunately, I wasn't working on the SR-75 or "Freddie Flameout" when my temper and frustration got the better of me. The others I can replace. Hope y'all have a Merry and a Happy, and we'll see what the new one brings us.

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. --Leonardo Da Vinci EAA # 729686 delete the word spam from email addy

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Lessee.. I had high hopes of cource for finishing a kit a month..

Tamiya Wespe for GSMC club build, finished on time! Bandai Val Walo Ancient Tamiya Pak 40 DML 250 Neu Monogram 1/48 kingfisher for the UVMC group build

That's only 5.. yipes.

I did moake loads of progress on other kits, and have several within striking distance here on holiday break. We shall see.

Mike please remove "diespam" to reply

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.

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All 1/72nd:

2 A-7D (Fujimi) 2 OV-10D (Academy) 1 KC-135 E (Ertl) 2 F/A-18F (Hasegawa) 3 F-16C Block 50/52 (Revell) 1 F-16 AM a/k/a MLU (Revell) 2 Harrier GR7 (Hasegawa) 1 EP-3E (Hasegawa) 1 P-3C (Hasegawa) 4 AAV-7A (Dragon) 2 Challenger 2 (Dragon)

Just started OV-1 (Hasegawa) and 2 EC-135 choppers (Revell) Intend to do Atlantic (Revell), a couple of F-14D's (Hasegawa) and some F-4 EJ Kai's.

Yee Hah!

Don H.

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Don Harstad

Dynavector Sea Vixen Airfix Hawk 100 (in Malaysian Colours) Classic Airframes Meteor Hasegawa FAA Phantom

All in 1/48th Scale. Not exactly prolific this year!!!

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Graeme Cosgrove

Heller MS.225 Supermodel Macchi MC.202 Supermodel Macchi MC.205

Picked up a half dozen 1/72 Corgi diecasts that take up shelf space. I like the NASA Harrier and P-47 best. No room to display the B-24 "Dragon and His Tail".

Made progress on the two modified Yak-11s (one for the clent and one for me as I fly her on occasion), Payan Pa.22 and Long Midget Mustang. Should finsh all four in 2005.

Very merry Christmas to all.


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all 1/48 scale:

Falcon Hawker Sea Hawk ICM Spitfire 16e Academy Spitfire 14 Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat

I had hopes of doing better, but my workroom gets uncomfortably hot during June, July & August. I doubt I will finish anything more this year. Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

[1] Monogram 1:43 Cessna 180 (done as a CAP bird) Aurora Aero Commander 560 Bunch of Luft '46 jets, and the Me.334 pusher prop. Nitto 1:12 Japanese Rickshaw [2] Life-Like 1:40 Cessna H-51 "Seneca" helicopter (Aerial Missile Transport) done as a civil bird. Big score on this one. Was helping clean out my father-in-law's house Tuesday and in that former bedroom of my brother-in-law Dave, I found some unopened cans of spray paint. Anyone remember AMT Sof'Spray? I scored a brand new can of "Grape Frost". Dave is missing in action after leaving home two years ago to visit in-laws in Florida (and ducking out on a LOT of bills that several other family members including moi had to pony up for) and hasn't had the decency of at least let us know that he's still breathing. So the Seneca will be White and Purple (Grape Frost) over a pearl gray interior with brown leather seats.

-- John The history of things that didn't happen has never been written. . - - - Henry Kissinger

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The Old Timer

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Let's see, all in 1/72 scale:

Italeri B-25B two Hasegawa P-47Ds (one razorback, one bubbletop) Tamiya Bf-109E3 Heller Bf-109E4 Academy P-40M Academy B-24D

I don't think there will be any more this year, but I have three more P-47s that should be done by the end of January. Jack "the 109 nut"

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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales

Not a bloody thing in models.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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zip, zero, zilch, nowt and nuffin'. started a few tho. (c:

But I hope I'll manage to finish the 72th Hasegawa Kittyhawk Mk. 1a in Aussie desert colours.. if all goes according to plan. (Yeah, right)


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Rob Grinberg

Do you want my list of failures?

I came back to modelling this year after too many years away so here goes.

I have 99% finished a Tamiya Corsair but broke the wheels off during the final painting.

I have 99% finished a Calssic Airframes Meteor F8 but managed to break that during the painting.

I have now remembered that I used to leave the u/c off until everything else was done:-)

Still under construction:

AM Avenger AM Dauntless.

these are both about 20% done.

AN B-25 - cockpit part painted...

Revell Peterbilt Fire Engine. I got sick of painting red so its taken forever. All it needs is a bit of chrome trim and the decals (but how many are there...)

Revel Sea King that I am converting to a UK ASR yellow job. Body painted. Need the rotors finishing and all the little bits attached.

Completed - yeahh! I have one.

Revel 1/72 Bubbletop Thunderbolt.

The original stash still contains the following: Revel Peterbilt wrecker (both this and the fire engine were SWMBO's idea) Dragon M1 Abrams Trumpeter Challenger Tamiya Mosquito

I have been buying lots on EBay (anything under £2 + anything FAA post war) To many to list but I have 2 fireflys, a couple of sea hawks and Gannetts, a sea vixen, a sea venom, all 1/72.

My best find as an Airfix Sunderland unopened.

Chances of finishing anything in the next 10 days - zero!

Chances of finishing anything in the next 90 days - slim. I am thinking of tacking one of the FAA planes so it looks like the current unfinised list will stay thay way although I am getting a yearn to complete the Dauntless.

And so it goes.

Best regards of the season to all and thanks for making it a great group.


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David Pennington

Glad to hear you're back at the bench. What are you doing to the Bv-222 tail ? tia,

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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Trumpeter 1/144 YF-23 just finished yesterday, nice kit, HORRID box art! Through the year Has 1/72 F-105 Thunderchief Fujimi 1/50 A-4E Skyhawk Mono 1/72 F8F Bearcat, F7F Tigercat, F6F Hellcat Academy 1/72 F4F Widcat Rev 1/144 F-105D

1/144 F-100D Unknown mfg. Minicraft 1/144 B-29 Enola Gay

On the Bench is a 1/72 Has. VNAF A-1H Skyraider

Merry Christmas to all, Mark M

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Mark M

Only finished one model, a Hasegawa 1/48 F 16C Done in DCA ANG markings, the model is now on display at Andrews AFB in the operations wing of the 113 th TFW (the markings the model is done in, 1998 50 year annerverisary :)

I will post pic's on abms later today :)

I have a 1.32 Hasegawa 109 G 6, and 190 D 9 almost ready for painting, just have to rescribe a few more panel lines.

Next project just started is a Tamiya 1/32 Zero, will have that done by summer next year.

I did just get through building 2 new computers, my new one is a watercooled 3.20 Ghz Prescott overclocked to 3.81 Ghz, Koolance LCU, Zalman CPU bloc, Swiftech Northbridge bloc

1 Gig Corsair DDR 400 @ 2.5 2 2 5, FX 5900 Ultra, and all other kinds of goodies :) Hey it IS a 1 : 1 working model
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